Spunlace nonwovens

At BCN we develop state-of-the-art spunlace nonwoven products thanks to the unique technology in our manufacturing lines. It’s one of the cleanest technologies in the sector due to the use of water in our manufacturing process.

The water jet technique allows us to produce the best performing products while fulfilling market demands in terms of bulkiness, softness, cleanliness, safety and cost effectiveness.

The Spunlace Technology production process is as follows:

New Product Development: Innovation with the Speed-to-Market you’ve come to value!

At BCN we are convinced that the best way to innovate is by partnering with our customers. Therefore, our R&D department is constantly involved in innovation projects that provide tailored solutions to our customers: starting with hand samples and pilot trial materials, then continuing with plant trials and finishing with the final product launch.

We encourage you to partner with us and take a first-hand approach to our best-in-class innovation process. Let our passionate and dedicated team of professionals bring the most value out of your ideas.
Looking for success? Team-up with BCN!

Our Product Development process can be summarized as follows:

Idea generation

Business Case


Test & Validation

Production and full launch

In addition to having a clear, customer-focused development process, we also follow key innovation guidelines aimed at:

  • Managing the development process to our mutual benefit.
  • Delivering specific solutions to clear needs in a mutually agreed timeframe.
  • Involving the whole organization in the product development process.
  • Continuously searching for new opportunities.
  • Providing customized solutions, product technical support, problem-solving skills and converting support.
  • Contributing to consumer care and safety.

Quality & Standards

The loyalty of our customers is the best proof of our high-quality products & standards. We adhere to the highest industry standards and follow the best practices to ensure best-in-class services and products.


Our Quality Management System ensures end-to-end product quality throughout our process and across all of our departments. We believe that leadership, dedication to excellence in everything we do, continuous improvement, and high hygiene standards are the foundation to achieving this commitment.

The most relevant Certifications & Quality Standards that we follow include

  • Certifications
    • ISO 50001
    • FSC®-C011551
    • PEFC
    • OEKO-TEX Standard 100
  • Specific tests our products comply:
    • Biological evaluation of medical devices ISO Std 10993
    • Test methods for nonwoven compresses for medical use UNE-EN 1644-1
    • European Pharmacopeia
    • Edana WSP
  • REACH Compliance.
  • 6 Sigma Culture.

In addition to this, BCNonwovens is member of the EDANA association and collaborates with different working groups from this organization.

Technical Customer Support

At BCN we believe that what sets us apart is not only providing high-quality products –which is something that we take as a given–, but especially supporting our partners with the best net-value solution. This is something that cannot be delivered without having a deep understanding of all the important aspects involved in the business relationship.

In order to achieve this aim, we define a multifunctional team for each partner in order to do an initial evaluation of its particular needs. Process Engineering, Product Engineering, Commercial Relations, Supply Chain Evaluation and Financing are the functions that will be involved in the analysis. After this assessment, the best solution will be offered to our partners.

Success will be ensured by setting long-term oriented solutions, supported by our expertise in best practices.

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