BCNonwovens announces a general price increase to be effective April 1st 2022 due to continued negative impact caused by wide input cost inflation. Significant increases in raw materials and freight costs coupled with supply chain disruptions have persisted since Q2 2021 with no relieve in sight. Similarly, the already significant energy cost escalation has spiked to unprecedented levels due to the war in Eastern Europe.

While the Company continues to implement measures to minimize the impact of these increases, it can no longer absorb the cost and must pass them on in full in the value chain. Increases range between 15% to 20% depending on the product design.

As a concrete step to protect the supply from escalating cost, the company decided to temporarily cease operations during the peak electricity cost last week. During this time customers were serviced uninterrupted from inventory on hand. Subsequently, operations have resumed as planned

“Although we are making every effort to minimize the impact of the inflatory pressures to our customers, the continued cost increases and dramatic changes in operating environment have forced us to take these measures” explained Marko Rajamaa, General Manager, BCNonwovens.

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